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Free Wine Tasting Station at Wine AcademyCome taste our Wine Academy Selection on a daily basis FREE of charge before making your personal selection. With wines uncorked and ready to pour you can sample the harvest before your purchase – ensuring ultimate satisfaction purchased with your hard earned money.

The World of Wine

Why Wine Academy?

The Wine Academy approaches the wine question in two basic ways.

First, we know that everyone has favorite wines that they know and have been drinking for years. We know the popular wines and stock them for you. We price them super competitively. Why pay more than you have to for the wines you already love?

Second, not everyone knows about the great diversity of smaller producers out there making great juice. Everyone has their jobs in life; our job is to scour the back roads of the wine world and find for you these small producers who make the wines that really bring out the essence of the various wine producing regions of the world. And, outside of the magnificent flavors and textures that you will discover, you can save money! What everyone does not realize is that these artisanal producers are available in ALL price points. You want a great red wine with notes of fruit and earth that goes with or without food and will only cost you $10? We got it. You want a light, mineral driven white that pairs well with food (from oysters to roast chicken) and want to pay $9? We got it. How about a sparkling wine from the Loire Valley that beats most Champagnes made but costs half the price? You guessed it, we got it.

We're going to have some fun together!

The 2011 Wine Spectator
Top 100 Wines...

Wines by the Numbers & Wine by the Heart...

But remember, while the Wine Spectator Top 100 list contains some of the more publicized and recognized wines of the year, it does not reflect all the fantastic efforts in winemaking and interesting vintages available to you this year that are not found in every wine shop. It does not reflect all the under - the - radar families and smaller producers who do not have the marketing dollars to advertise in magazines.

If we focused on chasing only wines with number scores we would miss the opportunities to discover and bring you wonderful wines with heart from such unique producers as Paolo Bea, Katherine Goldschmidt, Paul Mas, James Johnson, Olivier Riviere, Arianna Occhipinti and many, many more.

While the bottles featured in this list have received scores from paid critics, we recognize it's your appreciation of the wine that is ultimately more important to you, and most important to us.

Argiano Toscana Non Confunditur 2009
Zenato Valpolicella Superiore Ripassa 2007
Peter Michael Les Pavots Knights Valley 2008
Allegrini Veronese Palazzo della Torre 2008
Descendientes de J. Palacios Bierzo Petalos 2009
Leviathan California Red 2008
Rocca di Frassinello Maremma Toscana Le Sughere di Frassinello 2009 Continuum Napa Valley 2008 sold out

Borsao Grenache - $7.99

Cadonini Pinot Grigio - $6.99

Capa Tempranillo - $6.99

Protocolo - $6.99

Temparodo Malbec - $9.99

Les Grandes Cabanes Syrah - $9.99

Wrongo Dongo - $8.99

Primaverina Bianco - $6.99

Los Nevados Wines - $9.99

La Forge Wines - $9.99