Weekly Classes!!

Learn to Be An Educated Buyer

Our weekly Wine Classes are given by our very own in-house Wine Experts - Steve McGuire (Lakewood/Brick Store), Josh Schwartz (Marlboro Store) and Scott Reiner (Hazlet/Holmdel Store). The classes are held from 4pm to 7pm (Lakewood), 5pm to 8pm (Hazlet) and 5pm to 8pm (Marlboro) in our Wine Grotto. For a quick pre-view of each week's topic please take a look at the Schedule on the left side of this page.
These classes are FREE - there is no cost or pre-registration required. Just come on down and enjoy learning everything you ever wanted to know about wine (beer and spirits too!).
While the "discussion" lasts 3 hours the material actually repeats itself, on the hour and half hour, for 6 separate "discussions". As such, in case you can't make it at the early times due to work commitments come by at 5pm or 6pm and you won't miss a thing as we will begin the session fresh at the top of every hour.