Last Wave Tasting

St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Tastings
March 16, 2019
Irish Beer Tasting
March 17, 2019

Last Wave Tasting

Saturday, March 16 – 12pm – 2pm 

A Frame:Peer through the haze of this beer and you’ll be rewarded with a unique punch of flavor brought on by a creamy wheat body and the tropical aroma and flavors of some famous C hops. This is most certainly an IPA, but it does its thing without battering your taste buds like a nasty north wind. Board Breaker:When the frost shows up and the rubber gets thickest for those winter storms, the time comes for a beer that can fill you with holiday cheer and warm you up after a frigid session in the Atlantic. Enter the Board Breaker. Our spiced Belgian ale dances on your tongue with aromatic malts, which are livened up with cardamom, cloves, and candied sugar with raisins and cinnamon thrown in post fermentation. An abbey ale yeast provides some fruity punch and at 9.1% ABV, it’s sure to bring the feeling back to your fingers. It’s time to gather round with the ones you love and toast to the fallen boards that winter brings to the Jersey Shore. Defroster:Spring comes slow at the Jersey Shore. To help you weather the chilly evenings and surf sessions ahead, we bring you Defroster. Our Winter Warmer has an inviting amber hue, but don’t let the color fool you-it packs a wallop with a malty, full-bodied flavor that gets a little sweetness from a helping of maple syrup and toasted pecans. It’s sure to warm you up after a brisk winter day at the beach. Right Coast:We found a way to take this famous fruit from the tropical isles and make a beer that’s very much suited to the barrier islands. This robust porter keeps things simple with a smooth mouthfeel that pops with chocolatey goodness. The star of the show is a good ol’ dose of toasted coconut that gives this beer a sweet and unforgettable finish. This is one dark beer that you may find yourself reaching for all year long.


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